A day at the Soleil - French Trailer


A morning like so many others at Le Soleil café in Paris's 20th arrondissement. A mythical place at the heart of the Belleville-Ménilmontant district's combined immigrant, working-class and revolutionary memories, Le Soleil has undergone a transformation. Its terrace has become a meeting place for the neighborhood's "bobos".

In the course of a final day of palaver before its definitive closure, Le Soleil will see the last witnesses to the short and long history of Algerian immigration to France cross paths. A woman, men, workers, intellectuals, writers, musicians, shopkeepers, all will speak, some about their childhood in the war, others about their political, trade union and cultural struggles. The struggles that have punctuated the troubled history of relations between France and Algeria over the past sixty years. These are poignant and sometimes funny accounts, enlightened by historians and other specialists in the field.


A day in the sun



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