Douvan jou ka leve (Le jour se lèvera) - french version


France - 2017 - 52 min - Original Haitian Creole version with French subtitles

What does it mean to be Haitian today? How can we overcome this stagnation at all levels in Haitian society? What is this "disease of the soul" that is eating away at my people?

I was born in a poor neighbourhood. Today, I am 31 years old, I am an actress and a director. Based on my personal journey, marked by my mother's mental illness - an illness which she says is a curse of the invisible world - and my own quest for identity, I want to offer a new look at my native island and its inhabitants.

- AIRF Grand Prize, medium-length film category. Saint-Louis Documentary Festival, Senegal, December 2017
- Jury prize for best documentary. Festival Rencontres Cinémas Martinique, March 2018.
- Golden Key Award, Festival PSY de Lorquin (France), June 2018
- Best Feature Documentary, BlackStar Film Festival, Philadelphia (USA), August 2018.
- Golden Island Award and Audience Award, Festival du Film Insulaire de Groix (FIFIG), August 2018.
- Grand Prize for Documentary Film Alliance Ciné Caraïbes, Festival Monde en vue (ex-festival des droits de l'homme), Guadeloupe, October 2018.
- Grand Prize of the International Documentary Film Festival Amazonie Caraïbe, Competition, St Laurent du Maroni (Guyana), October 2019.


The sun will rise



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