A better life


France - 2019 - 87 min - Original version in Spanish - Subtitles in French, English

The steppe of Patagonia became a new El dorado. In the base of Añelo. To find work as a driver , José Luis must compromise because of the world of petroleum exploitation and the suffering to be away from his wife especially when she starts to get sick.

Cécilia, a paraguayan works in the region as a prostitute. So, when she decides to stop to try to live a better life, she starts to hesitate : Fall back in her old habits, to sell her body for almost nothing. Or, go back to her country to see her three girls grow up?

Compromise, making hard choices and facing the consequences. That’s what the Patagonians people must endure everyday.

The lands of Mapuche Relmu an Indian woman and Pampa the Gaucho farmer are coveted by the petroleum exploitations. Relmu is against it, she fights back, prepared to go to trial. Her determination is relentless, even when she realizes that she’s making her children growing up in an environment of fear, The old Pampa, him, adapts as much as he can to the “progress”. Accepting a financial arrangement. This could prevent him to loose everything, but deep down is this what really matters ?

For these people the “arriving” of the petroleum exploitations has brought them hope, doubts and resignation. Forced to make hard choices for their future. They have to bend, get back up, adapt to find a way to keep on living.


A better life



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