Silver Hugo Award for In the Rearview

24/10/2023 à 00:00

In the Rearview with the Silver Hugo award, the second highest place in the Documentary Film Competition of Chicago International Film Festival, North America’s longest-running competitive film festival !

“In another stellar example of vérité storytelling, the ravages of war are written on the faces of evacuees as they flee their homes and lives amid escalations in the war in Ukraine, viewed through the ‘rear view’ perspective of our director as he drives group after group out of danger and into new and uncertain lives ahead. Views of the passing, war torn landscape outside the windows of the vehicle are continuous glimpses into the horrors of war that most people can only imagine. This emotionally-driven journey into the unknown for the film’s subjects, passengers of the camera-wielding caravan, captures the humanity of each face and the rawness of their experience in moments charged with fear, empathy, love, pain, grief and even, at times, humor.”

— selected by the jurors: Caryn Capotosto, a three time Emmy-winning documentary producer known for Won’t You Be My Neighbor?; Amir George, an award-winning filmmaker and curator, and Marco Williams, an award-winning filmmaker and educator.


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